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This webpage is designed to provide support from seasoned workers for national security personnel making decisions on their career path.

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Lisa M. Ruth is an international risk consultant. She is President of CTC International Group and Managing Editor, Communities Digital News. Lisa served as an officer with the CIA for 15 years, as both an analyst and a Special Projects Officer. Her specialties include Latin America, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, tracing and identifying money laundering and arms transfers. She also completed tours in the CIA and White House Operations Centers, providing 24-hour intelligence support to high-level U.S. policy makers. Lisa also served overseas, directly providing intelligence assistance for the Guatemalan peace plan and on-the-ground assistance to counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics operations. After leaving the government, Lisa co-founded a private intelligence firm in West Palm Beach, Florida. She frequently appears on Newsmax TV, providing analysis on international developments. Ms. Ruth has an MA in international relations from the University of Virginia, and a BA in international relations from George Mason University.

Brigadier General Wayne M. “Mike” Hall retired from the U.S. Army on 1 October 1999 after 30 years of active military service. HSC Positions of responsibility while on active duty included: J2 (intelligence officer), U.S. Forces Korea from 1996-1998; Commander, 501st Military Intelligence Brigade, U.S. Forces Korea from 1994-1996; Commander, 313th Military Intelligence Battalion, 82d Airborne Division from 1989-1991, experiencing Just Cause and Desert Shield and Desert Storm; and G2 (intelligence officer), 82d Airborne Division from 1987-1989. Full Resume

Sandra K. Hall is a retired Army Colonel with over 35 years of experience in military intelligence, personnel/information/physical security, counterintelligence, and OPSEC for defense organizations, a government agency, and civilian industry.  Her experience lies in threat analysis, personnel/information/physical security, OPSEC, counterintelligence, training, financial management and personnel management.  During her Army career, she served in various military intelligence staff and command positions in Europe and the United States, including command of anHSC interrogation unit, command of a Special Security Office, command of a military intelligence battalion, deputy of a Joint Intelligence Center, assignment officer for military intelligence Majors, and leader development officer for Army officers. Since retiring  from the Army, she has worked for civilian industry providing training, security support, and OPSEC services to government contracts.  She currently provides support services to a small consulting firm. Mrs. Hall has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies / Information Operations from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces from the National Defense University, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Boston University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of North Dakota.

Mr. Steve A. Yarbrough is multi-discipline professional from Government and Private sector available for mentoring. Officer has over 30 years of Military, Government, and Private sector International policy experience with a primary focus on Latin American security and policy.  Technology Consultant to the Intelligence Community in support of the national security requirements. Officer provides oversight to telecommunication infrastructure, collection, processing, vulnerabilities, and risk analysis. Work with US and third party LEA in support of counternarcotics and counterterrorism initiatives at the strategic and tactical level. Our Analysis Group supports the Intelligence Community and other government and private sector clients. We provide outreach, conferences, in-house research, embedded analytic support; training, mentoring, and evaluation; risk assessment, and strategic planning for corporations worldwide. Current assignment to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence requires Officer to integrate and advance Unifying Intelligence Strategies (UIS) priorities to shape mission outcomes, Community strategic objectives, capability development, and resource allocation. Officer is responsible for working transparently and collaboratively with the Integration Management Council (IMC) and National Intelligence Manager (NIM) teams who formulate US policy for Western Hemisphere requirements.

Mr. James Webb served in United States Marine Corps for 26 years, where he spent 10 years as an Intelligence Analyst/Chief and 16 years as a Counterintelligence specialist.  Mr. Webb has expertise in Counterintelligence (CI), Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection and prevention, J2X operations, intelligence analysis and production, and counter threat finance at tactical, operational, and strategic levels.  Full Resume

SpeartipJarrett Kolthoff, President / CEO of SpearTip, has over 17 years of experience in the Information Security field. As a former Special Agent – U.S. Army Counterintelligence, he has experience in cyber investigations, counterintelligence, and fusion cell analysis that assist SpearTip’s clients to identify, assess, neutralize, and exploit the threats leveled against their corporation. His civil case work has included investigations in anti-trust lawsuits, embezzlement, collusion, theft of intellectual property and corporate espionage. He has testified in civil cases as an expert computer forensic witness in depositions and in the U.S. Federal Court – Eastern District of Missouri and has acted as a liaison between companies and law enforcement agencies.  Full Resume

COL Regina Draper, US Army Sustainment Command, Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence and Security – G2. She has served the country from the 1980s to present in the US Army. She currently serves as the Senior Intelligence Officer of a command with units stationed in all parts of the world. She has started with a life full of challenges which she overcame and excelled. She has served as a MI Officer, PAO and IG. Truly, a leader who knows how to solve professional and personal problems and shares that knowledge and skill with others. Military Resume with photo.


Robert David Steele Vivas has served in three of the four Directorates of the Central Intelligence Agency; served overseas in three consecutive and dangerous tours as a clandestine service officer under deep cover; helped program for overhead imagery satellites and support national signals intelligence programs; managed an offensive national-level counterintelligence program; and been the senior civilian responsible for creating the newest U.S. national intelligence production facility, the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Command.

As the founder of Open Source Solutions Network (OSS.Net), he has inventoried open sources and services around the globe, trained 7,500 mid-career officers in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and written the original handbooks for the Defense Intelligence Agency; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Special Operations Forces, and the United Nations.  In 2007 he co-founded Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 Public Charity that creates public intelligence in the public interest, and seeks to create the World Brain and Global Game.  Full Resume and Profile Page


Bruce Ramos  was assigned on June 5, 2009 as the Chief of the Department of Homeland Security-Joint Analysis Group (D-JAG) where he and his team work closely with their federated partners to conduct Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) operations.

Mr. Ramos served as a Branch Chief for the Reports Officer Branch and the Media Support Branch prior to his assignment to the D-JAG. He has worked at DHS since 2004 in varying positions of responsibility including Reports Officer, Senior Reports Officer, Operations Manager and Branch Chief.

Mr. Ramos’ previous position was as the Senior Special Agent and forensic examiner for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). He was a member of the team responsibly for all intelligence related forensic activities and operations in the European Command’s (EUCOM) area of responsibility of Europe and North Africa. Mr. Ramos is the author of two Counterintelligence Special Operation Concepts (CISOC) which are proactive concepts that have evolved and are in use in the theater today. See Full BIO.

BG (Ret) Gary M. Jones -- brings to Myrmidon Consulting, LLC over 28 years Military experience as a seasoned Military Leader that Commanded at all levels of the Army’s tactical and operational formations.  General Jones is recognized as a proven, experienced-forged senior  leader in military and international affairs.  He managed programs and deployments at  the national and international levels, with extensive operational expertise in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and the Middle  East.   More

Dr. Terri K. Wonder, Ph.D. is a former college English teacher who has moved into the field of social science research for law enforcement and military. She is currently a social scientist for the USAR/TRADOC program Human Terrain Systems and is a federal civilian employee.  She currently works from the program’s Leavenworth, Kansas, chapter and will deploy to the program’s Theater Command Element in Baghdad in August 2009. In her program, she also embedded as a social scientist with Marine Expeditionary Forces in Anbar Province from December 2008 to April 2009. In addition to working with Marines, she also partnered on outside-the-wire expeditions with the Navy’s Riverine One Squadron. Utilizing mixed research methods from the social sciences, Terri specializes in local population perceptions assessments and in civil-military operations assessments. Her favorite research subjects are educators, maids, and day laborers.  More


Jin Kim is a Principal Analyst for CENTRA Technology, Inc, and currently supports strategic risk methodology and analysis for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Kim has worked in the intelligence community for over ten years -- from tactical Army assignments to strategic assignments supporting the Department of Defense. Prior to CENTRA, Mr. Kim was a program manager in support of a software development program for the Joint Warfighter, leading an integrated team of engineers, intelligence analysts, and scientists.  Mr. Kim also provided support to the Defense Intelligence Agency as a policy analyst, researching and developing processes for the strategic intelligence support to the Operational Commands.  In the Army, Mr. Kim served as an Intelligence Officer in various leadership and staff roles.  A native of Korea, Mr. Kim is fluent in Korean.
M.A., Security Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 2006
B.S., General Engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point, 1997

Kim, Jin and William (Bill) M. Allard.  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace: A Methodology for Homeland Security Intelligence Analysis.  SAIS Review - Volume 28, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2008, pp. 75-87, http://muse.jhu.edu/login?uri=/journals/sais_review/v028/28.1kim.html.

Geoffrey S. French and Jin Kim.  Acknowledging The Revolution: The Urgent Need for Cyber Counterintelligence.  National Intelligence Journal; 1-1 (2009), 71-90 pages.  


Geoffrey S. French is the Analytic Director for Security Risk at CENTRA Technology, Inc. Mr. French has supported the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security in counterintelligence, infrastructure protection, and risk analysis since 1999. At the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center, Mr. French managed multiple teams that addressed threats to infrastructure, including cyber threats to industrial control systems. Mr. French helped FBI establish its cyber counterintelligence program —with its applications in information warfare and critical infrastructure protection; he has contributed not only innovative analysis but also academic rigor to the field. His teams created the NIPC guidance on risk management and on SCADA security. While at FBI, Mr. French led the intelligence review for the U.S.–Canadian Taskforce on the Power Outage.
Mr. French has also provided support to DoD’s Counterintelligence Field Activity as a lead analyst for its Critical Infrastructure Protection Division, where he examined issues related to DoD reliance on civilian infrastructure. There, he assisted DoD in identifying OPSEC concerns, vulnerabilities in information security, and risks to mission critical infrastructure.
Mr. French has supported DHS in multiple capacities, such as its Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center, and the Counterintelligence Programs Division, and the Science and Technology Directorate. He has been responsible for strategic risk analysis—including the development and review of risk analysis methodologies—and for supporting interagency efforts on risk related to foreign investment. He is currently supporting multiple efforts by providing subject matter expertise in risk modeling, threat analysis, and counterintelligence.

Geoffrey S. French and Jin Kim.  Acknowledging The Revolution: The Urgent Need for Cyber Counterintelligence.  National Intelligence Journal; 1-1 (2009), 71-90 pages.  


In the book, Rethinking Leadership and "Whole of Government" National Security Reform: Problems, Progress, and Prospects,  Chapter 7 page 149

Geoffrey S. French authored: Leading the Next Phase of Homeland Security Intelligence: Providing Better Definitions, Roles, and Protections


M.A., National Security Studies, Georgetown University, 1994
B.A., History, Wichita State University, 1993



Douglas McGaughey (CW2) is a retired U.S. Army U.S. Army Counterintelligence (CI) Special Agent, a Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and holds a Master’s degree in Security Management. He is a currently managing projects specializing in intelligence and security operations.  Doug is the Principal Consultant for 29-Ten Security Consulting, LLC, a small firm advising discrete clientele in Foreign Intelligence threat evaluations and risk mitigation operations.

His experience, accumulated over twenty-nine years, run the gamut from Presidential Security to Special-Agent-in-Charge (SAIC) of a forward-deployed intelligence unit actively engaged in CI and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) operations.  He was the CI Officer for the Bosnian Assault CP, managed teams of Special Agents and Military Police (MP) investigators for sensitive intelligence investigations, counter-terrorism (CT), and counter-surveillance (CS) operations within the European and Balkan Theater of Operations, and spent three years managing counter-terrorism and surveillance training for senior military attaches. He has conducted threat mitigation assessments hundreds of installations and provided training in diverse forums, to over 40,000 professionals around the globe.

Doug’s most recent accomplishment was to speak at the American Society of Industrial Security’s International Conference in  September 2008, where he developed and presented a seminar to a global audience of security, intelligence and counter-terrorism professionals titled, “Understand the Terrorist Cycle – Mitigate Your Risks.”

He is the recipient of the US Army Legion of Merit and currently resides in Annapolis, Maryland with his family, two Jack Russells and a cat named Fat Annie.

Doug can be contacted via email at: dmcgaughey@29-ten.com, or telephonically at: (410) 693-8653, or visit his website at www.29-ten.com.  


 Mr. Del Stewart,GS-13, Military Analyst (CW3, USA, Retired). Mr. Stewart’s area of expertise includes: Overt investigations, analysis, production and dissemination, from tactical through strategic levels of assignment, CONUS and OCONUS. He has been an editor for Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, in addition to writing many articles in various professional media outlets.

  • CURRENT:  GS-13, Military Analyst, Combat Identification, ARCIC TRADOC – enhancing combat effectiveness for current and future forces, concurrent with fratricide avoidance


GS-13, Military Analyst, Scenarios Branch (Note: Duties involved Defense Planning Scenarios, Multi-Service Force Deployment, Steady State Security Posture, and TRADOC standard and non-standard scenarios derived from the above) - to support future Modular Force concept development and experimentation

As a Defense Contractor: Served as Site Lead, providing CT support to 25th ID (Afghanistan and Iraq)  More


Nay William Edward Nay (Bill) is Senior Security Consultant, Nay Consulting Services and has extensive direct experience in planning, evaluating, and implementing DOE security programs. 40 years experience at various levels of security and law enforcement in the DOD (USMC & USAR) and the DOE.  Within the DOE have planned and implemented security programs in all topical areas.  Have performed the full range of duties; from checking badges as a Security Officer, to supervision, training and development, evaluation, and management.  Hired by the Office of Energy Research to establish a security program.  This program has evolved to include personnel, physical, information, and cyber components.  In addition to planning and implementing Headquarters security programs, have evaluated and justified the security programs for program elements at DOE funded National Laboratories and at federal operations offices.  Have managed the security program funding and budget preparation for all these topical areas to include protection program planning and management.
VAs – Completed DOE/NTC courses in VA.  Participated on the VA working group at ORNL.  Provided input to the VA for YMP. 
OPSEC– Recently participated in an OPSEC review of the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and the Yucca Mountain Project.
SSSP – Provided oversight of the SSSP at ORNL and BNL from 1992 to 2004.
Security Classification –  Currently an Authorized Derivative Classifier (ADC).  Previously an Original Classifier, Derivative Declassfier and an UCNI Reviewing Official.
Physical Fitness–  Chairman of the Physical Fitness Working Group that standardized the DOE implementation of the Physical Fitness Standards. Oversaw PF programs at LLNL.
Classified Matter –  Headquarters Security Officer for the DOE Office of Science.  Certified Inquiry Official for SC and RW.
Pass and Badging – Team Leader for the design and implementation of the DOE Office of Science Common Badge.
Other Security Support –  Independent audit of the Cyber Security Accreditation at  the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Technical Qualifications ------------------------------------- Consultant Resume
Recipient, DOE Outstanding Performance Awards (1992-2004)
Distinguished Alumnus of the Department of Administration of Justice, San Jose State University
Recipient, 2 On-The-Spot Awards
Recipient, Exceptional Service Award (DOE Bronze Medal)
Recipient, Secretary Richardson’s Hispanic Heritage Award
Recipient, Special Act Award
Recipient, 2 Secretary Pena’s PRIDE Awards
Outstanding Graduate Student, San Jose State University
Instructor of the Year, USARF School, Camp Parks
“Cop of the Year”, Vista Exchange Club
MP of the Month, MCB Camp Pendleton
Life Member, Western Society of Criminology
Life Member, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Life Member, Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Relevant Publications

Maximizing Human Potential Through Work Schedule Engineering, 1989
A Review of the Full Range of Abilities and Characteristics in Law Enforcement Selection Tests, 1989
Utilizing Job/Task Analysis to Establish Content Validity in the Design of Training Programs, 1988

Bill F. -- Resume attached with contact email.

Qualified DOD/DOE instructor for first responders to radiological/nuclear incidents, Member MTT to provide home station instruction;
Special Agent, Defense Security Service, Special Liaison/Investigations;
40 years professional experience conducting all types of Counterintelligence (CI) and Human Intelligence Operations and Criminal Investigations;
Special Operations Command Joint Forces Command – Intelligence and Security;
Planner/Advisor for Counterintelligence & Human Intelligence Operations in a number of operational areas of interest in Conus and Oconus;
Wrote policies and procedures for tactical CI & Human Intelligence operations;
Developed, Planned, Supervised and Conducted Special Training for Counter-Terrorist/Insurgency Operations involving various Commands and Agencies;
Provided liaison for first responders with Federal, State and Local Agencies and Department of Defense Contractors;
 US Army and New York City Police Department Team Leader and Instructor for Counter-Terrorism Operations (TTPS);
Qualified Homeland and US Army Instructor for First Responders to a CBN event;
Prepared, conducted and otherwise involved in numerous simulated terrorist attacks on key facilities and personnel both within and outside Continental U.S;
Prepared Force Protection and facility protection plans for military installations;
Participated in preparation of updated interview and interrogation format;
Continually cited as top performer in career field by senior management/rater on performance evaluation;
 Provided training to numerous local police departments and other law enforcement agencies enhancing criminal investigations, evidence gathering, court testimony, apprehension tactics and public relations;
Member of Special Operations Teams (operational) both military and NYPD;


Detective Supervisor assigned to Homicide Task Force, Precinct Detective Squad and  Squad Commander, Organized Crime Control Bureau-Narcotics: responsible for the supervision, the conduct and the coordination of activities of NYPD Detectives involved in criminal investigations, arrests and subsequent activities; conducted hostage negotiations; collecting intelligence information on various illicit organizations and individuals; briefing command and supervisory personnel; and liaison with all levels of government investigative and intelligence agencies.
Sergeant supervising Emergency Service Unit of the NYPD; responsible for first response to any number of emergencies and disasters that included bombings and explosive devices, armed robberies, warrant executions, sniper incidents, transportation crashes and collisions involving hazardous, possible WMD and or explosive materials, human rescue/recovery, and other types of disaster scenes; Provided counter-sniper and sniper teams, VIP and Site Protection; conducted hostage negotiations.
Tactical Patrol Force; Decoy and Robbery Suppression Teams; Uniform Patrol.
Adjunct Instructor at New York City Police Academy for Methods of Criminal Investigations, Tactics and Techniques of Surveillance, and Police Counter Terrorist Operations.


Mr. Ernest Krutzsh has 14 years Counterintelligence experience in both tactical and strategic Counterintelligence. He retired in 1997 as a CW2, and worked in the 902d SCO before joining CSC as a contractor , who currently teaches Computer Forensics at the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy. He has a Master's Degree in Applied Information Technology from Towson University, and has been associated with the Department of Defense on active duty, as a government worker and contractor for over 37 years.




Mr. James R. Lint served in the United States military for over 20 years, in both the U.S. Marine Corps (7 years) and U.S. Army (14 years).  He spent four years as a Marine Counterintelligence specialist and nearly 15 years as an Army Counterintelligence Special Agent.  Lint has expertise in counterintelligence, cyber security and information assurance, terrorism and counterterrorism, human intelligence collection and prevention, as well as low-intensity asymmetric warfare. Awarded Intelligence Community Joint Duty Assignment Credit.

Lint attained the rating of Senior Instructor at the U.S. Army’s Intelligence Center and School, Fort Huachuca, Az where he trained enlisted personnel, allied officers, and U.S. officers in the art of military intelligence and counterintelligence. During his tenure, he won the Department of Human Intelligence Instructor of the Month competition for his contributions.

Throughout his military career, Lint spent considerable time in overseas theaters including postings to Cuba, Europe & the Mediterranean, as well as numerous tours in Korea.  Additionally, he spent several years as a government contractor, supporting the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command for Systems Test and Evaluation at Fort Belvoir, Va. Shortly thereafter, as part of a Civil Service assignment, he spent nearly 5 years as the Deputy Director for Intelligence & Security with the 1st Signal Brigade in Yongsan, Seoul, Korea.

More recently, Lint spent 2 years in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Intelligence and Analysis, and he served for almost 2 years, as Deputy Director for Safeguards & Security, Office of Science, for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  While at the DOE, Lint ushered through Congress two budgets and oversaw 10 national laboratories security operations with an annual Safeguards and Security budget of $81 million. (Page 473)

James Lint’s personal decorations and accommodations include: the DOE Superior Performance Award, the DHS Performance award, the Joint Meritorious Achievement Award, the Humanitarian Service Medal, the Korea Defense Medal and 5 Meritorious Service Medal’s.

Mr. Lint has an  M.B.A. with a concentration in Information Technology Management, from Touro University International.

Mr. Lint has written extensively on counterintelligence, military intelligence, and Korea.

Past Publications Authored

Feedback Can Help Connect the Dots: IIR Evaluations for Love and Analysis

We often hear that "Intelligence Drives Operations."  Intelligence analysts drives intelligence which drives operations. The IIR Evaluation is a tool to put intelligence analysts back into the driver seat.  IIR Evaluations are the feedback, food and even love to HUMINT collectors. IIR Evaluations are a great tool to help organizations gain focused intelligence for unit and departmental activity. Use of all tools available to intelligence analysts will further help them to connect the dots of the intelligence picture and better serve this nation.


Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin Jul-Sep 2010 by James R. Lint and Vincent D. R.



Memories of a day in June.   Link A Story about Security and Intelligence Failure in June 1950 and thoughts of Security and Intelligence professionals today.

By 1950, the U.S. Army had just finished World War II five years earlier. The Army had a major drawdown and had cut troop units and staff. Most of the junior personnel had not even served in World War II. No draftees had combat experience.

June 25, 1950 was a nice summer day with people preparing for a post softball event. The weather was wonderful. It was a great day to forget the office and to enjoy life, even if you were stationed in Korea.

That day was a day for Operations Security (OPSEC) and a busy day for many—especially for North Koreans emptying their motor pools and moving troops south to attack South Korea.


Lessons Learned in Recovery of Classified Materials Link

I am often reminded about the guys in the Iran Embassy in November 1979. They thought there was no need for emergency evacuation or for emergency destruction drills. I'm sure there were many in the Pentagon in 2001 who thought the same way. But, November 4, 1979, and September 11, 2001, changed those complacent thoughts.


In the Devil's Shadow, UN Special Operations During the Korean War
In the Devil's Shadow, UN Special Operations During the Korean War, by Michael E. Haas (Colonel, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, Retired) (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, March 2000), 243 pages
Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, 4/1/04 by James R. Lint · 

Intelligence in support of strategic signal units
The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center, ...
Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, 7/1/03 by James R. Lint


James R. Lint Bio Webpage 

Vice Chairwoman & Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Anna Hyonjoo Lint, Ph.D. Educational Leadership, has spent more than 30 years in both the private and public sector, including senior level positions in financial
services and real estate development firms, as well as academia, in both the United States and South Korea. 

A native of Korea and a naturalized U.S. citizen, Lint received her first Master's degree in Industrial Design, with a concentration in Interior Design from Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Korea.  She completed her second Master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Oklahoma City University, achieving the distinction of graduating with honors. 

Lint has worked as a professor in the English Language Department at the Jangan College and Samsung Corporate Instruction Center in South Korea. Prior to entering academia, she was Managing Director of a major land development company, where she oversaw and directed more then 500 residential units in both Seoul and Inchon.  While working in the private sector, she was also responsible for managing more than 200 foreign language instructors at The ACE Global Education Center for Foreign Languages, as part of a corporate feeder partnership and strategic management program, for Samsung Co., LG, Hyundai Motor Co. of Korea, and Daewoo Motors.

In addition, Lint spent 3 years as a professional translator for the Commerce Department in the Embassy of New Zealand, Seoul, Korea.  During her time, she was tasked with a myriad of duties including her primary responsibility of translating critical business and trade documents for New Zealand-based companies investigating Foreign Direct Investment opportunities in Korea's commodities and emerging business markets. While in Korea, Lint became a successful small business entrepreneur, securing a handsome profit on a brick and mortar bookstore venture she built from the ground up.

Lint has also been a constant community volunteer, dedicating her time and expertise to the Army Family Support Group of 1st Signal Brigade in Yongsan, Korea. Additionally while attending Graduate School in Oklahoma City, she taught English to those in need at the Vietnamese Refugee Center.

In recent years in the US, Lint spent several years as a Bank Officer for Chevy Chase Bank, the largest financial institution founded, owned, and headquartered in the Washington metropolitan area, later she took a position at CitiBank, one of the largest whole service banks in the world. For a one year period, she has been a Branch Service Manager for Nara Bank, where she was the first manager of a NJ branch for Nara.

Past Publications Authored

This is an English translation of an article written for a Korean Blog that received a very high view count and published in both languages at www.Storybasket.com


Information PowerPoint pertaining to Dr. Lint's PhD dissertation titled: THE IMPACT OF STUDENT PROGRESS FACTORS ON STUDENT PERSISTENCE IN E-LEARNING

Photo and additional information.

Director and Scholarship Committee Member

Ms. Kay Lee Nicholas has been a successful businesswoman. Started and owned successful marketing company, retired Realtor, and campaign consultant.  Ms. Nicholas was married to a Badge and Credentialed  Counterintelligence Veteran who served in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, Germany, circa early-1950s. Later, her husband was a TV news anchorman and four term Nevada legislator.  She was the Executive Director of the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce for several years before starting her own marketing firm.  She put to good use her organizational skills  as a long-term volunteer with Special Olympics, having participated and organized programs in 3 states.  Additionally, she was the head of a team that was successful in presenting and obtaining the bid to host the 1988 International Special Olympics Winter Games. Always active she was the coordinating director of numerous celebrity ski and tennis fundraising events.  She has co-written and edited many newspaper and magazine articles, scripts and books.  She continues to assist in editorial duties with the Lint Center.

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