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2 October 2007-- Press Release 5:  Alliance Builder Award

Lint Center awards the Greenbi support for their international cultural exchange program. 

They are a musical group of college students named ‘Greenbi’ at Sogang University in Seoul, Korea. They will hold a concert with a special focus on inviting US military members stationed in Korea. They said, "We understand these soldiers are far from home and we will be providing music and entertainment in both English and Korea." This is a pilot program of expanding their annual concert to invite Americans as a Korea-America cultural exchange program. They are sending invites to both USFK MWR and USO in Yongsan.

They suffered a loss of their electronic key board and needed $300 to replace it. Due to their teaming with USO and providing Alliance Building actions, they have been awarded their needed funding and the concert will be in November 2007.

 From Greenbi:

‘Greenbi’ was established in 1987. The objective of the group is to interact with peers in the same academic major, share values of life, and study together. To fulfill this goal, we sing together every week and present our performance in front of people every year. We are now trying to expand our focus since many have traveled to US and will work with US military in the KATUSA corps. We are looking at this as a proactive international cultural event to better our countries and the world.

GreenBi Award01

Greenbi Request

Lint Center sponsored music group Greenbi giving USO posters of their concert for US troops.


Posters of Concert with Lint Center Sponsorship Noted

GreenBi_PosterGreenBi Poster    

The concert was a success, despite the cold and rainy day, the people came to Inaycio Auditorium in Sogang University near Shinchon, in Seoul, Korea. Some of the singers dressed to commemorate USA as can be seen by the photos, great pop style music that all can enjoy.






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